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Personal Qigong tuition – The Eight Exceptional Vessels

These Eight Exceptional Vessels (aka the Extraordinary Meridians) Qigong/Neigong exercises work with the Qi that is stored in the Extraordinary Meridians.  The Extraordinary Meridians can be likened to reservoirs while the Meridians can be likened to rivers. As well as using the Yi, eyes and breath to guide the Qi, these exercises also make use …

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Donations – thank you

Thank you for your donation. It will be used to buy much needed food, toiletries, ect. for the local food bank. Des

I’m on my soapbox

I’m on my soapbox……….. Why? Well it is something that affects me directly as I sell my Qigong courses online and I am being ripped off. I have just seen a sickening example of this from a course I have on Udemy. The course sells at £64.99 but by the time that Udemy and third …

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Thinking About Insomnia Keeps Me Awake!

Everyone has one of those nights when they cannot drop off to sleep. Insomnia on one of those nights is not a problem but when it runs to two, three,four and more there is most definitely a problem. Our sleeping hours turn into hours of restlessness and the hours when we should be awake and …

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