The Extraordinary Meridians Qigong Version of Connecting Heaven and Earth

This Extraordinary Meridians Qigong (Eight Exceptional Vessels Qigong) is an Advanced Qigong that requires more focus and accuracy than meridian Qigong. A lot more.
We access the Vessels via the Master and Coupled points. You can think of them as gateways to the vessels.
Individual points need to be activated/stimulated/triggered – not the meridians
Knowledge of the location of these eight points is crucial to attain feedback of any activation. This is covered in the course.
The relationship of the linked pairs of Master and Coupled points is explained in the course.
The Vessels, like the meridians, are not lines. In diagrams they are represented as lines. They are energy fields and are not confined to the physical body.
This version of Connecting Heaven and Earth also involves Shen Qigong, working with the consciousness. The Yi focuses and guides the Qi. The Shen has the awareness of the Qi. The Yi then tries to translate that experience into words.
Just to reiterate – Not a beginner’s course – stances, breathing, etc. are not covered.

The Extraordinary Meridians Qigong Version of Connecting Heaven and Earth
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This course includes:
Over 3 hours of on-demand video
downloadable resources

Price: £50.00
Further details and booking here – Connecting Heaven and Earth – Extraordinary Meridians Qigong

What Will I Learn in the Extraordinary Meridians Qigong Course?

  • The six movements of Connecting Heaven and Earth.
  • The location of each of the Master points and Coupled points.
  • How to open (stimulate) these points.
  • What you should be aware of during and after practice
  • Awareness of the interaction between the Master points and the Coupled points.


  • This course is suitable for experienced Qigong practitioners.


As well as using the Yi (that is the brain), the eyes and the breath to guide the Qi, these Extraordinary Meridians Qigong exercises also make use of the Master Points and the Coupled Points.

The quality, essence, of the Qi of the Exceptional Vessels is tangibly different to that of the Twelve Meridians. These exercises will open out an opportunity for you to experience this for yourself.

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