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It is with a tinge of sadness that I have to inform you that I will be retiring from doing Shiatsu as of mid March of 2024. I will be continuing with the Qigong and Taiji classes and courses.

A huge thanks to all of you for your support over the years!

Pro Holistic is based in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire from where we provide Shiatsu, massage and Sports Injury treatment to the Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, and Glasgow areas.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday 09:00 till 18:30
Wednesday 09:00 till 18:30
Thursday 09:00 till 18:15

Appointments: 07808069291

Therapies available are: –

Pro Holistic clinic

Pro Holistic treatment prices: –

  • Shiatsu treatment – £40.00
  • Sports Injury treatment – £40.00
  • Home visits – I no longer do home visits

Can Shiatsu treatment help me?

Findings from the European Shiatsu Federation research study carried out by Professor Andrew Long at the University of Leeds.
The Experience and Effects of Shiatsu: A Cross-European Study.

  • 89% of Shiatsu receivers felt calmer and more relaxed.
  • Up to 60% of regular shiatsu receivers slept better.
  • Receivers rated their symptoms as significantly reduced throughout the 6 month study.
  • 86% said that shiatsu was effective in treating stress and tension, structural and postural problems, low energy and fatigue.
  • Overall, Shiatsu receivers adopted a more relaxed, healthier and balanced approach to life.
  • Reduced use of conventional medicine.

Vienna hospitals Shiatsu Therapy study:

This amazing film that is based on over 30,000 Shiatsu treatments that were carried out in a number of Vienna hospitals over a 15 year period. In it, the doctors tell tell us how big a success it was and why Shiatsu should be used in conjunction with mainstream, alopathic, medicine. You really must watch this if you have any doubts as to the efficacy of Shiatsu and the work of the therapists.

The effects of Shiatsu on lower back pain:

From U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
You can download the full study here.

Shiatsu and heart problems:


Ballegaard S. Norrelund S. Smith DF.
Cost-benefit of combined use of acupuncture, shiatsu and lifestyle adjustment for treatment of patients with severe angina pectoris.
Results: Patients in the ASLA group reported a marked improvement in life quality and degree of disease.
Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research. 21 (3-4): 187-97, 1996. more

Treatment of injuries:

There is only one real way of finding out if Shiatsu can be of benefit in your case……… So, do not hesitate, get in touch with us and we will do our very best to help. Contact us now if you wish to book a session, enquire about on-site clinic availability, or require further information. Please use the form on our Contact Us

Can Qigong help me?

  • Arthritis relief through Qigong
  • Subjective experiences of older adults practicing taiji and qigong.
    Participants not only reported simple benefits along five dimensions of experience (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual) but also described complex multidimensional experiences. Overall findings indicate that participants derived a very wide variety of perceived benefits, the most meaningful being a felt sense of body-mind-spirit integration. Our results support the important role of qualitative studies in researching the effects of Taiji and Qigong.
  • A Critical Review of the Effects of Medical Qigong on Quality of Life, Immune Function, and Survival in Cancer Patients.
    CONCLUSION: Given such encouraging results, further research is recommended in methodologically sound approaches to further delineate the action of Medical Qigong. These findings support the utilization of Medical Qigong by cancer patients and the place for such programs in comprehensive cancer care.
  • Tai chi Qigong improves lung functions and activity tolerance in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease clients.
    CONCLUSION: Tai chi Qigong was able to improve respiratory functions and activity tolerance level in COPD clients. The breathing and walking exercise helped maintain lung functions and slow down disease progression.
  • Qigong for the treatment of tinnitus: a prospective randomized controlled study.
    CONCLUSION: These findings suggest that Qigong interventions could be a useful complement to the therapeutic management of patients with tinnitus and especially for those with somatosensoric components. Satisfaction with the intervention, a high degree of completion, and stability of the effects for at least 3 months after the intervention further underscore the potential of Qigong in the treatment of tinnitus.
  • Introducing qigong meditation into residential addiction treatment.
    CONCLUSION: Qigong meditation appears to contribute positively to addiction treatment outcomes, with results at least as good as those of an established stress management program. Results for those who meditate adequately are especially encouraging. Meditative therapy may be more effective or acceptable for female drug abusers than for males. Further study is needed to assess ways to improve substance abusers’ engagement and proficiency in meditation.
  • Intrinsically motivated qigong exercisers are more concentrated and less stressful.
    “Individuals who adhere to a regular qigong exercise regimen are more intrinsically motivated, less stressed, and more concentrated while exercising than those who do not adhere to a regular regime. This suggests that health-professionals need to be aware of these factors when prescribing qigong exercise for health benefits.”
  • Qigong ameliorates symptoms of chronic fatigue.
    “Qigong seems to improve factors related to chronic fatigue such as sleep, pain, mental attitude and general mobility after 3 and 6 months. Qigong’s positive effects indicate that it represents a potentially safe method of treatment for chronic fatigued patients.”


If you wish to enquire about on-site clinic availability, or require further information, please use the form on our Contact Us page. Or call us on 07808069291

Why Pro Holistic

That’s a simple one to answer. People choose Pro Holistic because of our reputation. 95% of our clients come to us via recommendations and referrals.

Experience: In practice since 1997.
Reputation: It speaks for itself.

What You Get

We will always get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

We leave it up to the patient/client to decide if they wish to book further appointments. It is their body, their pain and their decision. Monetory gain has never been our driving force and it never will be.

The therapies provided by Pro Holistic are of a Complementary nature. You are advised, in the first instance, to consult a medical practitioner in order that you receive a medical diagnosis. Self-diagnosis is not recommended and internet-based advice is no substitute for a face-to-face visit with a medical practitioner.

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