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Des Lawton

I was introduced to the healing power of Qigong in 1985 by Master Joseph Bell, after I had switched from studying Karate to studying Taiji. This change was made because of a debilitating back injury that had left me in constant pain, with lower back weakness and the beginning of scoliosis. The prognosis was not good and I was told that I would have to accept it and manage my life around it.

To cut a long story short, Master Bell asked if I would allow him to try to help.  I accepted and within a few minutes my life had changed. My scepticism of Qi (I was extremely sceptical and had only come to Taiji because of its focus on posture) was blown out of the water as soon as I felt myself being “microwaved”.  That is the only way that I could describe the sensations that I was experiencing. The pain had eased and continued to ease over the next week……….. never returning.  Now that is not saying that I have never had a painful lower back since then. Life has a tendency to throw the occasional curve-ball and injuries occur. What I can say is that the pain that I had endured for over a year never re-occurred and since then I have had a strong, straight, flexible back.

It was this introduction that led to a change in direction for me and I continued studying Taiji, Qigong and Healing Qigong.  To deepen my understanding of Qi, I studied Zen Shiatsu (incorporating study of TCM) for three years and graduated in 1997.

I set up in full time practice in 1997 and, after a number of coincidences, once again met up with Master Bell. Just over a year later, he accepted me as an inner sanctum student.  What he taught had my head spinning then………….. and it continues to spin now.  What I thought I knew turned out to be “not quite correct” and the gaps in experience were filled in (They continue to be filled). When thinking about how far I had gone on my Qigong journey, how much I had experienced, the term “Scratching a diamond with a feather.” entered my thoughts on a regular basis………….

I love Taiji but Qi work (Qigong) is my passion.  Master Bell used to describe himself as a Qi man. I used to think that this might have been him playing down the title of “Master”. Today, I understand the message.


Des’s experience

  • Since 1989, the Principal Instructor of the San Bao Martial Arts School and he teaches Taiji,Taiji QuanQigong, and Neijia Quan classes in Glasgow and Lanarkshire.
  • He is passionate about Qigong being taught as an Internal energy exercise.
  • Des has developed a number of Qigong courses that he teaches throughout the country.
  • He has created online Qigong courses, in order to reach out to Qigong practitioners worldwide, that provide detailed information on the subtleties and nuances that are rarely available to students.
  • In 1997, after three and a half years of study with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu, Des qualified as a Registered Shiatsu Practitioner (M.R.S.S.)
  • In 2012 Des left the Shiatsu Society as he felt that it had lost direction and was no longer providing a professional service to its professional membership. He has since found a new home with The Federation of Holistic Therapists.
  • He provides, online, consultation for the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, etc. through the use of Qigong.
  • Des Lawton is in great demand for his work, teaching Taiji and self-defence, both for Community Education projects and within resource groups for people with learning difficulties and special needs.
  • He also carries out consultancy work in the field of complementary medicine and stress management.

Des Lawton, the teacher

“Des Lawton is clearly at the cutting edge of Energy work today, and his sensitivity, humour, and instructional abilities integrate beautifully. This has enabled him to teach at all levels, bringing oriental thoughts & concepts to occidental minds, making these concepts tangible, and demystifying them.”

“Des Lawton demonstrates teaching-integrity and respect for his students, and knows how to facilitate student understanding, awareness and true progress, encouraging the students’ desire to learn. I’ve taken other courses from people who may know how to go through the outer movements with good form themselves and have impressive “temple” credentials and an exotic nationality, but they lack the ability to impart knowledge which is the essential attribute of a teacher and also calls into question their own depth of understanding.”

Des is now teaching a number of courses and workshops including the ever popular, Taiji Shibashi Qigong Instructor course.  These, along with the Shiatsu, online consultations, the other courses and classes keeps him very busy……………. I don’t think he would like it any other way!  Mind you he still manages to find plenty of time for hill walking (his “me” time) and he is to be seen tramping around on the Scottish mountains while he soaks up the fresh air and Qi.


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