What is the Bates Method?

The Bates Method

the bates method founderThe Bates Method was developed at the beginning of this century by Dr. W. H. Bates, M.D. (1865-1931), a prominent American ophthalmologist. The Bates Method for improving eyesight is a method and developed by him and his followers to improve sight which has been diminished through strain, tension and the resulting misuse of the eyes. The Bates Method is used to teach people, who have problems of vision, how to make the eyes and mind work together harmoniously to give good.

“The fact is that, except in rare cases, man is not a reasoning being. He is dominated by authority, and when the facts are not in accord with the view imposed by authority, so much the worse for the facts. They may, and indeed must, win in the long run; but in the meantime the world gropes needlessly in darkness and endures much suffering that might have been avoided.” –Perfect Sight Without Glasses– W.H. Bates, 1920