What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology muscle testing

Kinesiology blends principles of traditional oriental medicine and knowledge about the body’s subtle energy systems with more modern western techniques (e.g. muscle testing biofeedback, brain integration exercises) and has been developed and adopted throughout the world.

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to maintaining and improving health. Health and well-being depends on the balanced action of the chemical, physical and psychological systems of the body. Kinesiology works to balance and integrate these systems. Kinesiology restores the body’s energy balance, thus promoting self-healing and well-being. It also promotes a better understanding of your own health needs.

A kinesiologist determines energy imbalances by testing specific muscles associated with specific acupuncture meridians. Muscle testing is a gentle, non-intrusive way of determining energy imbalances or blocks in the body’s energy system. Methods of correcting the imbalances vary according to a client’s needs, but will often involve gentle massage or touch on reflex and acupuncture points. Muscle testing also allows the practitioner to determine the cause of physical and emotional problems and treat them appropriately. It provides a method of detecting food sensitivities, intollerance, or nutritional deficiencies. The whole process is called ‘balancing’ and may take between 1-2 hours.

Kinesiology can help people with a wide spectrum of health problems including pain, IBS, arthritis, depression, allergies, ME, physical injuries, stress, eating disorders, phobias, incontinence, anxiety, backache, PMT, post-traumatic stress disorder – the list is endless.


Examples of applications of Kinesiology: –

Muscle pain is often caused by energy imbalance in muscles or acupuncture Goal balancing releases the stress and energy blockages underlying such problems. By clearing out this “excess baggage” we are able to pursue our goals, free of unnecessary difficulties.


Emotional Stress Release.

A great deal of illness has its roots in emotional stress. Emotional Stress Release is a gentle, simple, yet powerful way to deal with this problem. ESR can clear energy blockages connected with past or present traumas, beliefs, negative feelings and worries about the future.
Emotional Stress Release can be used by lay people at home, school and work. It is a wonderful way to help people stay calm in distressing situations.


Environmental stresses and Food Sensitivities.

We react to things we eat and substances in the environment to a much greater extent then is generally recognised. Often the foods we most enjoy and most regularly eat can stimulate adverse reactions. These sensitivities interfere with the body’s energies and can seriously affect our ability to heal ourselves.
The first step in dealing with this is to be aware of your intolerances. Muscle testing can be used to give a clear and easily understood picture of the problems. You can then take control of your diet and environment quickly and confidently.


Learning Difficulties.

The left side of the brain deals with reasoning and logic, whilst the right side provides creativity and visual awareness. When the two fail to co-operate, problems can arise in co-ordination, reading, concentration and memory. Educational Kinesiology is a whole person approach to learning difficulties. It uses simple, safe exercises to encourage both sides of the brain to work together, so that a person can function more effectively. Whilst this is very helpful for children and adults with obvious learning blocks, it can help all of us to reach our full potential.