Shiatsu Massage in South Lanarkshire

Shiatsu Massage South Lanarkshire

Pro Holistic provide Shiatsu Massage in South Lanarkshire, from our clinic in East Kilbride. We provide our services to the North Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire and North Ayrshire areas.

Therapies: –

We also use Hip Clearance (Seitai) for realignment of the hips/pelvis,and Post Isometric Relaxation & Reciprocal Inhibition (Sotai) for muscle injuries.

Shiatsu Massage in South Lanarkshire - Shiatsu Massage South Lanarkshire

Treatment prices: –

  • Full Shiatsu treatment (aprox 1 hour) – £35.00
  • Sports Injury treatment (aprox 1 hour) – £35.00
  • Stress Management (aprox 1 hour) – £35.00 or £300.00 for a ten-session block booking
  • Home visits – Price on application

If you wish to book for a massage, Sports Injury treatment, Shiatsu Massage in South Lanarkshire, or enquire about on-site Shiatsu clinic availability, please use our Contact Us page or call us on 01355 266011.

On-Site Shiatsu Massage South Lanarkshire

On site Shiatsu Massage in South Lanarkshire - On site Shiatsu Massage South LanarkshirePro-Holistic provides two separate schemes for Shiatsu massage treatment and on-site massage in the workplace. Details of these are available on our Corporate Services page.
Some of our corporate clients who have benefitted from on-site Shiatsu massage: –

  • Scottish Nuclear, South Lanarkshire
  • British Energy, South Lanarkshire
  • EDF, South Lanarkshire
  • Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow
  • Corporate Events Scotland, Glasgow
  • Spence Allan Associates, Glasgow
  • Fergusson McIlveen, Glasgow
  • Hands up for Trad, South Lanarkshire
  • The Young Scottish Traditional Musician of the Year Competition, Glasgow.

Shiatsu Massage

Des Lawton, the Shiatsu Massage Therapist states: “Shiatsu massage has become very popular as an on-site treatment and I now carry out on-site Shiatsu massage for a number of corporate clients. Shiatsu masage is known to be relaxing, yet invigorating, and many of my clients have been so pleased with the results of Shiatsu massage that they are recommending Shiatsu to their friends and colleagues. The efficacy of Shiatsu is its selling point………just ask anyone who has had a Shiatsu massage treatment. They, at least all my clients, all say that the wish that they had been aware of Shiatsu and its healing properties years ago. But it is never too late…………..come along to South Lanarkshire and give yourself a real ”

In Western medicine you can use the analogy of the doctor as a repairman….Wait until the body/mind system is faulty, then repair it. In the Orient however, the analogy could be that of a gardener who constantly tends his plot, thereby ensuring healthy growth. Shiatsu massage therapy covers both of these aspects – healing and promoting health.

Shiatsu (pronounced shee-at-soo) is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure” and is the name coined earlier this century to describe this form of healing. It has been recognised as a healing system by the Japanese Government for over 50 years and has recently been recognised by the European Parliament and included in the European Register of Non-Conventional Medical Disciplines.

Shiatsu massage therapy is based on Chinese acupuncture and the Japanese system of Anma (massage) and is occasionally referred to in the rather inexact term “Acupressure”. The practitioner may use fingers, thumbs, elbows and knees to apply pressure as well as incorporating gentle stretches and manipulations. Physically this has the effect of stimulating the circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid, it works on both divisions of the autonomic nervous system, helps to release toxins and deep seated tension in the muscles, and can stimulate the hormonal system. On a more subtle level it allows the receiver to relax deeply and get in touch with their body’s own healing abilities. Treatment usually leaves a feeling of well-being and calmness, of being more in touch with one’s body and self.

Guidelines for patients having Shiatsu Massage

In order to gain the most benefit from a Shiatsu massage therapy treatment, here are simple guidelines to follow: –

  • It is best not to drink alcohol on the day of the treatment; have a light meal at least one hour before your treatment.
  • Do not take a long hot bath on the day of the treatment.
  • For treatment wear loose clothing, preferably cotton, such as a tracksuit or a jogging suit. You will usually remain fully clothed during Shiatsu treatment, which normally takes place on a futon (padded surface) at floor level.

Response to Shiatsu Massage treatment

After Shiatsu massage therapy you will probably feel invigorated yet relaxed. Sometimes the first benefits to occur do not improve the main complaint, but rather overall health. For example, the body’s eliminative functions may have to be improved before specific pain can be relieved. The duration and the frequency of treatment will vary from person to person, as will the total number of treatments.

Most people have two opposing tendencies: one, the wish to regain health and freedom: the other, to remain attached to old behaviour patterns which reinforce the sickness. While patients generally experience increased well-being, there may be temporary “healing reactions” as toxins and negative emotions are released; these may take the form of a headache or ‘flu like symptoms for 24 hours, in such cases contact your therapist so that they can reassure you. Shiatsu massage therapy affects all levels of our being, the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual; treatment is attuned to the individual’s character. The practitioner may give advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle, encouraging self-understanding and greater independence on health matters. This in turn leads to improved self-confidence and lasting peace of mind for the patient.

There are two main styles of Shiatsu Massage

Namikoshi Shiatsu:

Developed by Tokujiro Namikoshi. This style of Shiatsu massage emphasises the use of physical techniques derived from Anma and uses finger pressure and rubbing techniques with the aim of stimulating the body’s natural powers of recuperation, eliminating toxins from the lymphatic system, promoting health and wellbeing, in order to prevent and cure illness. Namikoshi Shiatsu draws heavily on the Western approach to medicine and health, rather than Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian system, utilising western knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Zen Shiatsu:

Developed by Shizuto Masunaga (1925-1981), who came from a family of Shiatsu massage practitioners, this style has become the most popular form of Shiatsu practiced. Zen Shiatsu also draws on the techniques of Anma, incorporating the Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of Yin and Yang, Ki, the meridians, and Five Element Theory. Finger pressure (elbows and knees too) is used to stimulate the tsubos (acupoints) in order to generate a healthy flow of Ki throughout the meridians, restoring balance to the body in a holistic manner. Massunaga also devised a method of palpating the Hara (abdomen) to diagnose the current/immediate quality of Ki in the meridians, using this diagnosis to choose which meridians should be worked on. He also developed the concept of Ki interaction of Kyo-Jitsu (kyo/jitsu can be loosely translated as empty/full). Zen Shiatsu treatment involves working the whole length of the imbalanced meridian, diagnosing the state of each of the tsubos and treating those that are in need, rather than using specific points only (as in acupuncture or acupressure). Another of Massunaga’s developments, through Zen Shiatsu, is the concept of supplementary meridians. This concept states that the six arm meridians are reflected in the legs, and vice versa.

Pro Holistic is based in South Lanarkshire from where we provide our services to the Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, and Glasgow areas.

If you wish to enquire about on-site Shiatsu massage clinic availability, or require further information, please use the form on our Contact Us page. Or call us on 01355 266011

The therapies provided by Pro Holistic are of a Complementary nature. You are advised, in the first instance, to consult a medical practitioner in order that you receive a medical diagnosis. Self-diagnosis is not recommended and internet-based advice is no substitute for a face-to-face visit with a medical practitioner.