Nothing hurts

Yamaoka Tesshu
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Yamaoka Tesshu, as a young student of Zen visited one master after another. He called upon Dukuon of Shokuku.

Desiring to show his level of attainment, he said “The Mind, Buddha and sentient beings do not exist, the true nature of phenomena is emptiness, there is no realisation, no delusion, no sage and no mediocrity, there is no giving and nothing to be received”.

Dukuon, who was smoking quietly, said nothing. Suddenly he whacked Yamaoka with his bamboo pipe. This made the youth quite angry.

“If nothing exists”, enquired Dukuon, “where did this anger come from?”

Wisdom and experience cannot be found in books………….. only in life!
Yamaoka Tesshu was young when he learned this lesson and I doubt it if he needed to be taught twice.

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