Magic? – No but it feels like it!

Over the years I have encountered a lot of skepticism about Qi with remarks like “magic” and “mumbo-jumbo” fired in my direction. I too had been skeptical, extremely so, before I was exposed to Qi in its truest sense. The use of “magic” was meant to be derogatory but, in one respect at least, it is accurate.

In Scotland we use the word “magic” to describe something that is terrific, that is fantastic, something that we enjoy immensely. So Qi, Qigong and Taiji are absolutely magic!

One of the bonuses of teaching Qigong and Taiji is watching the students arrive at an evening class after a gruelling day at work……………… Some have shoulders raised, furrowed brows and downturned mouths, carrying their day with them. Ten minutes later and the shoulders have dropped, the furrows are gone and the downturned mouth has been replaced by an inane (no disrespect to my wonderful students) grin.  There is a warmth in the room that has emanated from the smile that was borne from deep within each of them.

As we immerse ourselves in these exercises and forms there is no room for anything else. We are 100% in the present……………… The past and the future meet here, in the present, but we are not drawn by either. They both exist but neither is calling us, they let us be.

Create your own magic space. There is calm at the centre of the hurricane of life. #trueqigong
#trueqigong #innerpeace

It is in this state of being 100% in the now that we can find respite from the chaos of modern life. It is here where we find ourselves in the eye of that hurricane of egos. It is here where we let our brains step back and allow our consciousness to take the reins for a brief while. It may be brief but it is long enough for the “reset” button to be pressed, long enough for our problems, tasks, worries, etc, to be set in an order that we can work with.

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by numerous “must do” issues and been at a loss as to how to tackle them……… not knowing how, or where, to start? Sleepless nights and days filled with stress and worry with no end of it in sight. Use your  Qigong, any Qigong, and focus on all of the tools. Focus on these five things:

  • The stance.
  • The breath.
  • The movement.
  • Moving the Qi.
  • Listen to the Qi.

Maintain that until you can gradually pare back on the amount of focus while increasing the listening. The stance will eventually take care of itself and “disappear”. The breathing will eventually take care of itself and “disappear”. The physical movement will become fluid and “disappear”. The body will also, eventually, “disappear”.

What is left is the awareness of the Qi……………. nothing else. Enjoy that quiet body and mind.

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