What is Shen?

The San Bao (Three Treasures) - Jing, Qi & ShenShen

Shen is the least tangible, yet most spiritual of the Three Treasures, and is a very subtle energy. It is Yang in nature and flows upward with a fire-like quality. As with the other facets of the San Bao, it can be cultivated, this time through meditation and the tranquil forms of Qigong. It is associated with the Liver and the Heart, and when the Qi from these two sources combine harmoniously they produce Shen. When these organs are out of balance the Shen becomes unsettled, leading to restlessness and agitation of the Mind. All mental health illnesses are seen as diseases or imbalances of this aspect of qi.

“Shen is the sparkle in the eye of the wise, the substance of sentience, intuition and wisdom.”

Shen is increased through meditation in any form of introspective exercise such as meditation. However, it is lost when we spend too much time and energy looking outside to the materialistic world and it should be noted that the ego destroys the Shen.

The Shen is stored in the Upper Dan Tien (Yin Tang), flows through the Exceptional Vessels, and unless stopped through meditation and introspection it is lost through the eyes.