I’m on my soapbox

I’m on my soapbox……….. Why? Well it is something that affects me directly as I sell my Qigong courses online and I am being ripped off. I have just seen a sickening example of this from a course I have on Udemy. The course sells at £64.99 but by the time that Udemy and third party sellers have taken their slice I have been paid $2.14 and that is a whopping £1.71 before currency conversion charges.

Each time you buy through the Google Store, ITunes, etc. you are handing them the profit and often handing the seller a loss.

Say, for example that you were selling an item that cost you $100.00 dollars to produce and you had a mark up of 30%. The cost to the buyer would be $130.00. Each time you sell, from your website you have a gross profit of £30.00

Now if your item is sold via the Google Store, or through ITunes, the story is different and here is how it pans out. Google Store and ITunes take an immediate 30% off the top. 30% of $130.00 is $39.00 and that leaves you with a loss of $9.00 on every sale that goes through them. They get $39.00 for f**k all!

Ok, so I can hear you thinking “Why are you letting them sell your product if it causes you to make a loss?” The simple answer is that they do not ask for permission and they will just keep doing it no matter how many times you ask them to stop. They are a law unto themselves and that is why their owners are billionaires.

The same applies to Just Eat, etc. Do you think that they provide their “service” free of charge? How long do you think it will take before your favourite carry out is no longer available because the majority of their custom is coming via Just Eat and the business is no longer financially viable?  Get on the phone directly, or use the restaurant website, and stop giving money to these companies. Is it any harder to order over the phone?

PLEASE STOP BUYING MY COURSES VIA THIRD PARTIES. Please buy them from pro-holistic!

If you value the person, or the company, that is selling you something online, please don’t buy via either of these………… or any other third party. Go direct to the seller.

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