Qi changed my life and set me on a big adventure

My first experience with energy healing was when I had a serious injury healed. That night, Qi changed my life.

After an accident, where I injured my lower back, I was on sick-leave for almost four months and then on “light duties” (no lifting of heavy objects) for a further 18 months. The prognosis was not great and I was informed that I was developing (quite rapidly, it seemed) scoliosis, that nothing could be done, that I should continue taking the painkillers and that I was to expect it to get worse.

This was rather devastating as I had always been active and it meant that I would never get back to practicing martial arts (Karate and Hapkido). But I knew that I could not lie down and have self-pity so I joined a Taiji class in the hope that the gentle movements would help. Having watched Taiji, I thought that the art looked effortless……………. I would soon learn the real story.

Anyway, during one of the classes we were visited by martial arts Master (Capitalised for all the right reasons), Master Joseph (Joe) Bell, from another Chinese Internal system (Huang Kung Shou Tao). For some reason, one that I still do not understand, our teacher had the Taiji class doing press-ups…… All except me. The visiting Master inquired why I was not doing the exercise and my back injury was explained to him. This Master had a reputation of being able to manipulate the Qi and to have healing hands. At that time of my life I knew that this was a load of b*ll*ks…………. If it was not physical, it did not exist!

Qi changed my life
Qi changed my life #therapeuticqigong #medicalqigong #trueqigong

To cut a long story short, he asked if he could examine my back. I had nothing to lose. It was not a “hands on” examination although he did touch my back a few times. He was moving his head towards my back as though he was listening for something. Then he held one of his hands in front of me and one behind (about 10” off my body) and I still thought it was a load of nonsense until I was microwaved The heat started from deep inside me and radiated outward. It was VERY strange.
After the 5 minute treatment, I was told that I should feel a difference but that if my back became sore again he would revisit and treat me again.

For the next month I was asked the same question at each class “How is your back?” Still being unsure of what had happened and having my skepticism levels rising again I lied and said that it was still a bit sore. It was not until six, or seven, weeks had passed that I admitted to myself (and my teacher) that the pain had gone on that night and had never returned.

The change of life thing? It set me off in a completely unexpected direction (the right direction) and I was to spend the next ten years investigating and experiencing Qi through Qigong and then Shiatsu. Then, as a result of three “coincidences” and a couple of lucid dreams, I was fortunate enough to meet with the Master again. I asked to become one of his students and he promptly refused………………. I was “not ready”. However he did agree to work with me to see if I could attain his level of acceptance. Almost two years of monthly, intense teaching, sessions passed before I was told that I had been accepted and even more fortunate to be accepted as “inner sanctum” and taught on a one to one basis. I have all but given up teaching martial arts but I am passionate about continuing my Qigong journey while teaching Qigong and Taiji as well as practicing Shiatsu and Healing Qigong.

It’s strange to think that one of the most fortunate incidents in my life was an accident!

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