Opening the Mind, Connecting with Universal Energy

There are a number of different ways for opening the mind, some using safe and natural methods like Qigong, some involving drugs, and it sometimes opens due to trauma.

I received a message from one of my students (Ivan)…….. “Hi Des, have you seen this? This is how you sometimes sound to me 🙂 quite interesting.” My interest was piqued.

Very often I find myself using different words, different descriptions and analogies in order to teach the same thing to different people. The words used are not that important. The analogies can be serious, or light hearted. The crucial thing is that the message is understood.

opening the mind using Shen Qigong
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When teaching Qigong there are words used that are not in common parlance. Words like Qi, Shen, Yi, etc. So I always explain what each is and where it is placed within the skill of Qigong. In this short article and video we can see all three through the eyes of a scientist……….. The eyes and experience of Jill Bolte Tailor, an American Neuroanatomist (Alma mater: Terre Haute South Vigo High School, B.A. Indiana University, Ph.D. Indiana State University, Postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School (Depts of Psychiatry and Neuroscience).

Dr Tailor had a stroke that opened up a new world to her. It is the world of Shen, of Qi and of awareness that goes beyond the physical. In the video (below) she talks about energy (Qi), she talks about the experiencing the universe, for the first time, solely through the right side of her brain (Shen) and how the left side (Yi) kept tugging her back to “reality”. She is using anatomical names and I use Qigong names for the facets of our being that access the same phenomenon. The expansiveness of the Shen (right side) and the linear, reasoning, thoughts of the Yi (left side).

As Ivan had pointed out, she was describing everything that I had described but we had reached this ability through completely different routes.

What Dr. Tailor found through the trauma of a stroke you can find through Qigong. I have never heard a scientist, an intellectual, discuss never mind describe, this state of mind. What really pleases me is that she has held onto the ability to step into that state when she wants to. I had no idea that a stroke could open this gateway……….. and keep it available. I sometimes think that what I am saying may seem far-fetched to many but, occasionally, people have their own experiences and share them with me but then find it extremely difficult to revisit them. Proper training, using the right tools, makes it easier to revisit and explore further.

Enough said. Watch the video, watch all the video and you will get an idea of where the Shen Qigong path leads.

Des Lawton

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