Listening Jing – enhance your Qigong

Without Listening Jing (listening to the Qi) you cannot do Qigong.  Without listening you are merely doing aerobic exercises.

Disconnected piano keys

Listening Jing - Piano hammers and strings
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Imagine a piano where the keys are not connected to the hammers.  Every key sounds the same, the same dull clunk.  It is only when the key is re-attached that the strings can be hit and the note can be heard.  Qigong is like this.  The focus, the movement (in the case of active Qigong), and the breathing act like the hammers in the piano.  They connect the physical to the energetic.  It is only when you have this connection that hear the vibration and listen to the changes that are occurring, in the body/mind/spirit.  The more you listen, the more you connect the keys and hammers, the greater the range of qualities of Qi you will experience.

Using Listening Jing takes your Qigong to new levels……………..

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