Faux qigong

Faux qigong – are you practicing it?

Avoid faux qigong and find a true qigong teacher like Des Lawton
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What is the difference between true Qigong and faux qigong (fake). True Qigong works with the Internal and circulates and enhances the Qi. The other, the bogus one, doesn’t. It is purely External and works with the physical body and, at best, there is some “wooly” mention of Qi. How can you tell whether it is fake or real? Simply ask your teacher what Meridians, Vessels, Points, or Elements an exercise is working with. Ask about the process, about how each physical action is affecting the Qi flow. If they cannot answer, or the answer is vague waffle, I’m afraid you are probably not doing Qigong……………..
Why do qigong when you could be practicing Qigong and benefit the Internal as well as the External?

The gulf between the two is succinctly described in the following video.

What is the difference between Dao Yin and Qigong?

None! The same thing with a different name.You may have noticed that I used lower case in the second “qigong”. This how I differentiate between true Qigong and faux qigong. In this short video Master Yu Boyang differentiates between the real and the faux by using the more ancient term of “Dao Yin” for the Internal art, saying there is a difference and that qigong tends to be practiced as an external, physical, exercise.

The Master was being polite! I’d rather call a spade a spade.

Understand the difference and save yourself from wasting time and energy rather than gaining it. Don’t settle for the fake…………. search for the real deal!

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