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The 2019 courses are all filling (The Five Taoist Yin is already fully booked) earlier than usual. If you are interested in coming to the Eight Exceptional Vessels Qigong you had better not wait too long as there are only three spaces left.

The Eight Exceptional Vessels Qigong exercises work with the Qi that is stored in the Extraordinary Meridians (AKA the Exceptional Vessels).  The Exceptional Vessels can be likened to reservoirs while the Meridians can be likened to rivers.  Most Qigong exercises concentrate on the Qi flow in the meridian system but these focus on the deeper, almost tidal, energy that make up those reservoires.

As well as using the Yi, eyes and breath to guide the Qi, these exercises also make use of the Master Points and the Coupled Points

Feedback from previous courses: –

  • “…………. It helped me to appreciate it more as an energetic practice with intention and focus on energy flow, as opposed to simply awareness on physical movement.”
  • “……….thank you so much for Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I loved your way of teaching. I feel confident and keen to continue practicing what I’ve learned – which was exactly what I was hoping to gain, so much appreciation to you!”
  • “A great Teacher of Qigong, it was a privilege to take this course! I could feel the Qi moving while performing each exercise. Quick response to questions asked, much appreciated! I look forward to taking more courses in the future. Humble thanks!”

Course date: Saturday 23/03/2019

Details here – The Exceptional Vessels

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