Qigong Course – 5 Yin

The Five Yin Qigong concentrate on the Qi flow in the Yin meridians.  The course concentrates on using the physical movement, the breath, and the eyes.  It is only with correct posture, relaxed breathing, and accurate that the practitioner will progress with any Qigong exercise.


The Five Yin Qigong

  • Lung Meridian – Metal
  • Spleen Meridian – Earth
  • Heart Meridian – Fire
  • Kidney Meridian – Water
  • Liver Meridian – Wood

The functions of the Yin Meridians

the five yin qigongLung Meridian

  • Governing Qi and respiration.
  • Controlling the circulation of Qi in the blood vessels and meridians.
  • Controlling the dispersion and descending of Qi.
  • Regulating the water passages (through the dispersing and descending functions).

Spleen Meridian

  • Governs Transformation and Transportation.
  • Controls the blood, i.e. Keeping it within the blood vessels and making blood from food.
  • Controls the muscles and the limbs.
  • Controls the rising Qi (maintaining a balance with Stomach Meridian in the role of controlling of descending Qi).
  • Houses the thought (Yi): thinking, studying, concentration.

Heart Meridian

  • Controls the blood and the blood vessels.
  • Houses the Shen (consciousness).

Kidney Meridian

  • Stores the Jing, governs birth, growth, development and reproduction.
  • Produces bone marrow.
  • Governs the bones, brain and blood production.
  • Governs Water, and the flow of body fluids.

Liver Meridian

  • Storing blood.
  • Maintains harmonious and unobstructed flow of Qi, allowing good body function, especially in relation to; emotional activities, especially anger and mental depression.
  • Promotes the flow of energy to the other organs.
  • Produces bile and affects the secretion of bile.





If you wish to organise a Five Yin Qigong course, or are interested in any of our Qigong courses for your group, please use the form on the Contact Us page.


Workshop details:

  • Location – East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire  – location map
  • Dates – Saturday 25th June 2016
  • Time – 10.00 till 17:00
  • Cost – £70.00
  • Details – Focusing on the postures, the focus, and gaining awareness of Qi flow in these exercises.
  • Instructor – Des Lawton
  • Guidelines – Can be viewed here
  • Further information – ‘Phone Des on 01355266011 or use the form on the Contact Us

Five Yin Qigong Course 25/06/2016

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