Personal Qigong Tuition – The Ten Fundamental Treasures

Our personal Qigong tuition of the Ten Fundamental Treasures exercises facilitates a deeper understanding of them that aids the student on their Qigong journey. With one-to-one tuition a dialogue is built up between teacher and student that can highlight strengths as well as weaknesses. This means that the student can focus on what their needs are for progress. Each student is different so the tuition is tailored to address those needs.

Known as the Ten Fundamental Exercises, or the Ten Fundamental Treasures Qigong, this set is beneficial to mind, body, and spirit. “Fundamental”  refers to the action that these exercises have on the health, well-being and vitality of the practitioner.  They can be practised as individual exercises, or as an entire set.  The physical aspects will strengthen, tone and increase flexibility.  The energetic aspects bring about harmonious flow of Qi.

The Ten Fundamental Treasures

Personal Qigong Tuition - The Ten Fundamental Treasures
  • Uphold the Heavens to Empower the Three Burning Spaces (San Jiao)
  • Harmonizing Spleen and Stomach
  • Looking Backward
  • Pulling the Bow to Shoot the Hawk
  • Shaking the Head and Waving the Tail
  • Holding the Fists Tightly and Gazing with Angry Eyes
  • Abdominal Lift
  • Spring with the Toes
  • Hold the Toes and Strengthen the Kidneys
  • Change the Sinews (Yi Chin)

The numerous benefits of these exercises include:

Uphold the Heavens

  • Strengthens the function of the Three Burning Spaces. That is the Upper Heater, that benefits the Respiratory System. The Middle Heater affects the Digestive System. Finally, the Lower Heater aids Sexual function.

Harmonising Earth

  • Promotes and maintains Qi flow in both the Stomach and the Spleen meridian.
  • Helps relieve digestive disorders of an emotional nature.
  • Has a calming effect on both the Yi (reasoning mind) and the Shen (consciousness).

Looking Backward

  • Promotes the healthy flow of Qi in Lung meridian and its partner, Large Intestine.
  • Promotes  Qi flow in the Gall Bladder meridian the Liver meridian.

Pulling the Bow to Shoot the Hawk

  • Beneficial to Liver and Gall bladder Qi.
  • Beneficial to Lung and Large Intestine Qi.
  • Helps clear blockages at Big Bone and LU1.

Shaking the Head and Waving the Tail

  • Stimulates the Digestive System and the circulation.
  • Removes excess heat from Heart meridian, and cools and tonifies the blood.

Holding the Fists Tightly and Staring with Glaring Eyes

  • Strengthens Liver Qi.
  • Strengthens the metabolism.

Abdominal Lift

  • Stimulates the internal organs.

Spring with the Toes

  • Benefits the blood vessels in the lower legs.
  • Stimulates the Du Mai GV and Ren Mai CV meridians.
  • Stimulates Chong Mai, the Thrusting Vessel.  This is one of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

Hold the Toes and Strengthen the Kidneys

  • Stimulates Kidney Meridian.
  • Promotes healthy Qi flow in Bladder & Kidney.

Change the Sinews

  • This is a Five Element exercise that balances the Yin and Yang energies as it encourages Qi flow throughout the entire meridian system.
  • It assists the body’s homeostasis, maintaining the natural equilibrium of the metabolism and physiology.
  • Brings physiological, psychological, and spiritual balance.

Personal Qigong Tuition – booking

Tuition can take place here, at Pro Holistic, or via Zoom.

Pro-Holistic private tuition is tailored to your requirements and is bookable in blocks of ten sessions.
For further information, or to book, please use our Contact us page or ‘phone us on +44 1355 266011

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