Personal Qigong Tuition – The Taiji Shibashi

Our personal Qigong tuition of the Taiji Shibashi exercises facilitates a deeper understanding of them that aids the practitioner on their Qigong journey. With one-to-one tuition a dialogue is built up between teacher and student that can highlight strengths as well as weaknesses. This means that the student can focus on what their needs are for progress. Each student is different so the tuition is tailored to address those needs.

Personal Qigong Tuition - Shibashi, Painting Rainbows

The Taiji Shibashi is probably one of the most practiced exercise sets of Qigong but the vast majority of people who practice them are it are not doing Qigong. They are working physically and merely moving their arms and legs about. They are not moving their Qi and that is because they have not been taught how to.

The term qigong, as currently used, was promoted by the Chinese government in the 1940s & 1950s to refer to a broad range of self-cultivation exercises. These exercises had been practiced, under many names, for millennia and passed down from master to student. With its new, official, name, Qigong was kept under wraps until the end of the Cultural Revolution but by then the numbers of masters had been decimated. Fortunately, enough survived to keep the true nature of these arts alive.

Qigong is all about moving Qi. It is the art, the skill, of guiding and moving the Qi, using the brain (the Yi). You can only do that accurately and efficiently if you have tangible feedback from that movement. It is not a case of imagining that movement and hoping that it is happening……… In true Qigong, that movement is tangible. Qigong is not a physical exercise. It is an Internal exercise that uses physical movements as one of its tools.

Des was taught the Taiji Shibashi in the 1980’s when the influence of Master Hei Weqi was strong and the exercises were being practiced Internally, when they were still being taught as true Qigong. A lot of what is being passed off as Shibashi Qigong is now no more than 18 slow aerobics where the Internal aspect is ignored and that means that they are no longer working with Qi.

Here you can take your first steps to attaining the skill of Qigong. The tuition is broken down into a number of components and these then come together in a synergistic manner.

  • You will learn the stances and why proper stance is important.
  • You will learn the physical movements and how they are used to influence the movement of the Qi.
  • You will learn the breathing technique.
  • You will learn where the Qi is focused, or flowing, in each of the exercises.
  • You will learn about awareness of the Qi flow. The tangible awareness used by Qigong practitioners as feedback. It is this awareness that enables you to become more accurate in your Qigong.

Personal Qigong Tuition – booking

Tuition can take place here,  at Pro Holistic, or via Zoom.

Pro-Holistic private tuition is tailored to your requirements and costs £100.00 per session, or £800.00 for a block of ten sessions.
For further information, or to book, please use our Contact us page or ‘phone us on +44 1355 266011