Personal Qigong Tuition – The Five Taoist Yin

Personal Qigong Tuition – The Five Taoist Yin

Our personal Qigong tuition of the Five Taoist Yin exercises facilitates a deeper understanding of them that aids the student on their Qigong journey. With one-to-one tuition a dialogue is built up between teacher and student that can highlight strengths as well as weaknesses. This means that the student can focus on what their needs are for progress. Each student is different so the tuition is tailored to address those needs.

Also known as the Five Yin, the name of this set is a bit of a misnomer as there are six Yin meridians and these exercises work with all six. Although there are only Five Elements there are six pairs of meridians as the Fire Element has two Yin meridians; the Heart meridian and the Heart Governor (or Pericardium) meridian.

Personal Qigong Tuition - The Five Taoist Yin
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The Five Taoist Yin Qigong, like many other sets, has gone through a few transformations over the millennia as masters explored them and brought emphasis to the different aspects of the exercises. With three of them, that is Earth, Metal and Wood you will be taught the various alternative methods. These move the Qi in the same way and have the same function. You can then choose whether you prefer one or other. In my own practice, I tend to use all of them and just flow into the one that my body-mind leads me to.

Both Heart and Heart Governor meridians can be worked individually, or together within the one exercise.

It is impossible to influence only one meridian, or one pair of meridians, in any Qigong. If we take Lung meridian as an example, when we work with it we are also affecting:

  • Large Intestine meridian, the Yang partner of Lung.
  • Both Water meridians via the Nurturing cycle of the Five Elements.
  • Both Wood meridians via the Controlling cycle of the Five Elements.

With experience, the practitioner can use individual exercises, or combinations of the exercises, to target particular imbalances in the Qi and ailments caused by those imbalances.

The course contains: –

  • Fire: Heart and Heart Governor – This exercise is done in three different ways, to do three different tasks, and you will learn all three.
  • Earth: Spleen – You will learn two variants of this exercise, each working with the meridian but having slightly different uses.
  • Metal: Lung – You will learn two variants of this exercise.
  • Water: Kidney.
  • Wood: Liver – Again, you will be taught two variants, each with slightly different qualities.

Personal Qigong Tuition – booking

Tuition can take place here,  at Pro Holistic, or via Zoom.

Pro-Holistic private tuition is tailored to your requirements and costs £100.00 per session, or £800.00 for a block of ten sessions.
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