Personal Qigong Tuition – The Embroidered Brocade

Our personal Qigong tuition of the Embroidered Brocade exercises facilitates a deeper understanding of them that aids the student on their Qigong journey. With one-to-one tuition a dialogue is built up between teacher and student that can highlight strengths as well as weaknesses. This means that the student can focus on what their needs are for progress. Each student is different so the tuition is tailored to address those needs.

Personal Qigong Tuition – The Embroidered Brocade

Personal Qigong Tuition - embroidered brocade qigong

Although having similar names, the Embroidered Brocade and the Eight Pieces of Brocade (also known as the Ba Duan Jin) are two entirely different sets. The Embroidered Brocade is a set of seven Qigong exercises that were developed by Taiji masters to promote good health as well as the ability to root your weight and sink your Qi.

The numerous benefits of these exercises include

  • Improving the ability to root physical body (the Po).
  • Improving the ability to sink the Qi.
  • Stimulating Qi flow in the Yin and Yang meridians of the legs.
  • Stimulating Qi flow in the Arm Yin & Yang meridians.
  • Opening Ming Men and Dazhui (Du Mai 14). AKA “Big Bone” this is the first thoracic vertebra, where the Qi can often get stuck.
  • Bringing awareness of and building the skill of sinking the Qi while raising the Shen.

You will be taught how to all practice all seven exercises and then, through continued practice, you can increase your ability to root and sink while enhancing the quality and the flow of the Qi in your meridian system.

The tuition is structured in order to make sure that you have all the information you need, when you need it. It covers the basics like, the proper stances, Listening Jing, etc. Listening Jing is the passive awareness of Qi and all the focus points that are necessary to make it a true Qigong exercise.

The set consists of:

  • Folding over:  It works with the Yin and Yang meridians in the legs. It is repeated twice.  1st time can be used as a warm-up.
  • Circle of light: This is an arm Yin qigong, working with SI, TH, and LI.
  • Catching a ball (aka Billowing Sail): – Water, primarily with KD.
  • The Sun and the Moon: This is a Five Elements exercise.
  • White Crane: This works with Fire energy and Chong Mai.
  • The Snake: – Works with the arm Yang meridians and also benefits LV Qi.
  • Taiji Walk: Focuses on the Dan Tien, rooting the Po (the physical body), sinking the Qi, and raising the Shen.
  • Folding over:  The 2nd repetition is always practiced as Qigong.

Personal Qigong Tuition – booking

Tuition can take place here,  at Pro Holistic, or via Zoom.

Pro-Holistic private tuition is tailored to your requirements and costs £100.00 per session, or £800.00 for a block of ten sessions.
For further information, or to book, please use our Contact us page or ‘phone us on +44 1355 266011