Personal Qigong Tuition – Listening Exercises

Our personal Qigong tuition of the Listening exercises facilitates a deeper understanding of them that aids the student to guide their Qi in the Meridians and Vessels. With one-to-one tuition a dialogue is built up between teacher and student that can highlight strengths as well as weaknesses. This means that the student can focus on what their needs are for progress. Each student is different so the tuition is tailored to address those needs.

Listening Jing

Personal Qigong Tuition. Des Lawton, teaching listening jing at a shibashi instructor course.

Passive awareness is a good way of defining Listening Jing. If we use the analogy of feeling the Qi there is an immediate image of reaching out (to feel) and by doing this we are using the Yi in a proactive manner and we, therefore, change the pattern/quality of the Qi we wish to experience. Changing the analogy to “listening” there is no longer the need to reach out, rather a need to stay quiet. By experiencing the Qi in this way, and because we are no longer moulding it to suit our need to recognise it from our previous experience, there will always be new flavours/adventures.

Listening Jing is the passive awareness that we have when we’re doing Qigong, or we should have when we’re doing Qigong and guiding the Qi, using the Yi (cognitive, reasoning, mind). I will teach you some exercises that you can do to help you build up that awareness of the Qi and your confidence in yourself to be able to do it. A lot of people think this can’t be done and it’s magic and it’s for other people and have got a skill. Anybody can do this.

If you reach out for the Qi, feel for it, it will be there. But this causes you to get “stuck”. Your Yi guides the Qi, it moulds it. So every time you finish doing some Qigong and you do this “feeling for” with the preconceived awareness that Qi feels like a spongy ball, or feels like two magnets, that is what you will get.
You are not listening. You are still guiding.

When you listen to Qi there is no input. You don’t input it, you don’t do anything when you listen to sounds coming in. You don’t need to stretch out to get to them. The passive awareness that I’m talking about is when
you place your palms facing each other and accept what is there. Whatever it is. By doing that, you will experience a lot more. You will start to experience a lot more of the qualities, the essences, involved in each of the meridians.

Personal Qigong Tuition – booking

Tuition can take place here,  at Pro Holistic, or via Zoom.

Pro-Holistic private tuition is tailored to your requirements and costs £100.00 per session, or £800.00 for a block of ten sessions.
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