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The Online Qigong: Four Shen Qigong course contains exercises that are Active, Spiritual, Qigong. That is to say that the body movement is one of the tools used to help guide the Qi and the exercises are used to alter states of awareness, giving access to higher levels of being and increasing perception.

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This course includes
2 hours 55 minutes of on-demand video
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Recent Reviews

  • “i enjoy his company and accent and deep eperience in coaching tai chi and chi kung and translating some of the dimensional and multi energy phenomena an unnaclimatised student of chi kung energy work might encounter” M.M
  • “The attention to detail in this course is helping me to understand how to do the practices properly and get a deeper experience of the benefits of qigong. I have a deeper understanding of how to work with Qi.” K.L.
  • “Good videos, well structured teaching and more detail than you will find in most places. I’ve enjoyed all of Des’s courses I have taken.” S.D.


  • This Online Qigong course is for people who are already serious practitioners of Qigong, people who want to continue on their Qigong journey and take their practice a higher level.
  • Participants need to be familiar and comfortable with Wuji stance and horse riding stance. They should be adept at sinking the Qi and raising the Shen.

What Will I Learn?

  • These are, Spiritual, Qigong………Spiritual in the sense that they work with the consciousness, the Shen…….. They can, among other things, take you to a place of tranquillity where answers can be found, often without questions needing to be asked.


  • The exercises involve the Shen, that finer quality of Qi that is connected to our consciousness, our Mind, our Higher Self.
  • They entail raising the vibration of the Shen, and the awareness of self, the Qi of our body and mind.
  • They entail awareness of other as our awareness is expanded beyond our physical body.
  • Finally, they allow access to our Higher Self so that we can have meaningful dialogue and receive guidance.

Online Qigong: Four Shen Qigong – Benefits

These, Spiritual, Qigong can provide the practitioner with a place of respite, an internal quite that removes them from the chaos of daily life.  The first three are from a discrete set and are used to guide you to the centre of the cyclone. The cyclone of egos that life creates and that causes turmoil and stress. It is a place of tranquillity where answers can be found even without questions being asked.

Within this space, the practitioner’s awareness of Qi, of energy, begins to develop. Awareness that can lead to: –

  • Increased tangibility of the Qi and awareness of it throughout the body/mind.
  • The ability to see Qi (energetic body, etc).
  • The ability to taste
  • The ability to smell
  • The ability to hear

In most cases the practitioner will find that they have a dominant sense.

  • Exercise 1 facilitates the Inward journey, the awareness of self.
  • Exercise 2 facilitates the Outward journey, the awareness of other.
  • Exercise 3 raises the vibration of the Shen while strengthening the practitioner’s rooting of the Qi.
  • Exercise 4 is used to open dialogue with your Higher Self, your Shen, or Consciousness.

Students’ Questions

Question from H-A

Powerful sensations.
I am not sure how to proceed with these  exercises of the Shen. I had these “burning hands” again yesterday and could not sleep properly. I noticed that my feet went rather cold after a wile as well during the practice so I do feel a bit insecure now whether I do it wrong…?

Kind regards, H-A

Answer from Des
These exercises have a goal but each of us has a different path to that goal. This means that we will all have different experiences in getting there. However there are a lot of those experiences that are commonly shared and you are currently going through them.

I will cover the tangible feelings first.

  • The “burning hands” is very common for two reasons. Firstly because the hands are the first place where most people are aware of Qi in any strength. Fire Qi (With the Shen exercises this is from Heart Governor 8).
  • The “cold feet” is a sign that your awareness of Kidney Qi is getting stronger. This is starting at Kidney 1, the point where we “connect to the earth”, the point we use to keep us grounded during Qigong.
  • Water controls Fire and we need this, along with the connecting of the Chakras, to keep us grounded. What you are telling me is that you are already aware of both of these energies. Qi is not always comfortable and there can be feelings of “density and aching in the bones”, “heavy & cold feet”, “heat in the lower abdomen”, “burning hands”, etc.
  • What is happening with you is that Fire & Water are getting stronger (along with your awareness of them) and they will balance out and the discomfort will dissipate as they do so.
  • So, you are getting it correct.

As for the sleep issue, that is due to the Shen being active and I will cover this and what to do about it at the next class. I will go over a couple of methods of settling the Shen for sleep.


Question from Shaz

Crossing the arms.
Hi Des, When you cross arms in front of the body after the expansion is there a specific way to cross the arms (right in closer to the body as you do), does it vary (male, female or based on hemispheres) or do we go with what feels most natural for us?

Also – if the cross is in front of the heart chakra for ex 3 where is it for ex 1 and 2 – or is it much the same physically and more that we bring attention there for ex 3?

Thanks 🙂

Answer from Des
It does not matter whether it is left hand in front or right hand in front. It tends to alternate once you stop thinking about it (Yi) and the consciousness (Shen) takes over. The Shen will bring balance. If you let your elbows drop, during the crossing of the arms, you will find that the wrists cross in front of Ren Mai 17 (or thereabouts).

By crossing the wrists at this point it means that when the elbows are drawn outwards the triangle is formed over, and surrounding the Heart Chakra. As the triangle is being lowered you are strengthening the downward connection between Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and the Dantien. This is strengthening the connection between the spiritual and the physical (extremely important when working with the Shen).

Exercise 3 is more powerful and requires more focus to remain grounded if you are not already adept at doing that. It is important that these exercises are done in the stages shown in the course in order to advance. There are a couple of drawings, submitted by one of my students, that show what can be experienced with these exercises. This student is still working exclusively on exercise 1. Shen Experiences.


Question from Lesley

Fire/water paths
Hi Des. Looking at the diagram you provide, I see that the Fire path comes up Du Mai, and the Water path comes up Chongmai. When it comes to Yamen, you show the path going over the top of the head and down to Yintang on the Fire path, but you say to take the awareness through the head. Can you clarify please?

Answer from Des

Ah, difficult to simplify………….. As with almost all energy work the answers are never quite black and white. You are already aware that even though a Qigong exercise may be for a particular Element it also affects all of the others to a lesser degree.

I think that the easiest way that I can answer this is in saying that with the Water path the Qi, on reaching Yamen, uses the collateral between it and the Yintang almost exclusively. With the Fire path the Qi is shared between the collateral and Du Mai (Although not mentioned this stimulates Baihui “the Hundred Meetings” and enhances the expansion/outward awareness).

Without sinking into the murky depths of percentages………………. Oh well, let’s dip our toes…………..

Water Path – think of it like 90% through the collateral.

Fire Path – think 50% for each

It is not as clear cut as that but the tongue position, in conjunction with your Yi, acts like flow controller. The better the focus of the Yi the more control you have over how much and where the Qi is being directed.


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