Five Taoist Yin Instructor Course

Autumn 2020

The Five Taoist Yin Instructor course for 2022 is currently being planned. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, it may be an online course.

the five taoist yin instructor course
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The Five Taoist Yin Instructor course is now online! As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic I began streaming Qigong classes and with so much positive feedback like “The online classes felt more like one-to-one tuition” I made the decision to continue these classes indefinitely and to expand the streaming to include Instructor courses. The fact that participants were able to focus more made this an easy decision.

The live course is run over three full day workshops but, as this is impractical online, we have decided to trial it as twelve two-hour workshops with a live assessment. as with the live course, it is limited to ten participants.

The Five Taoist Yin Instructor course is only suitable for experienced practitioners. Please visit the Five Taoist Yin Qigong if you only wish to learn these exercises without the assessment, or if you wish to gain experience of this set before joining the course.

The Five Yin Qigong enhances the Qi flow in the Yin meridians. This Instructor course provides an in depth, experiential, understanding of the Five Taoist Yin. It also includes all the tools and information needed to teach these exercises as true Qigong (Certificated by the San Bao School). As with any Qigong, anyone can mimic the movements of these exercises and perform them as a physical exercise. However, without knowledge and experience of the Internal workings they are not doing Qigong.

Although named the Five Taoist Yin, this set works with all six Yin meridians and, as there are variants of four of the exercises there are actually ten exercises in total.
Metal: (Lung) has two variants.
Wood: (Liver) has two variants.
Earth: (Spleen) has two variants.
Fire: (Heart and Heart Governor) has three variants.

Course content

  • 24 hours tuition.
  • Access to downloadable recordings of the workhops
  • Diagrams of the Yin meridians and focus points.
  • Assessment.
  • Certificate of successful completion on passing the assessment.


  1. Opening the energy gates & Wuji stance. Lung and Kidney.
  2. Opening the energy gates & Wuji stance. Reprise of the Lung & Kidney exercises. The Liver exercise.
  3. Opening the energy gates & Wuji stance. Reprise of the Lung, Kidney & Liver exercises.
  4. Opening the energy gates & Wuji stance. Reprise of the Lung, Kidney & Liver exercises. The Heart Governor (Pericardium) exercise.
  5. Opening the energy gates & Wuji stance. Reprise of the Lung, Kidney & Liver exercises. The Heart exercise.
  6. Opening the energy gates & Wuji stance. Reprise of the Heart Governor & Heart exercises. Working with both meridians simultaneously
  7. Opening the energy gates & Wuji stance. Both versions of the Spleen exercise. Reprise of LU, KD, LV, HG & Ht.
  8. Reprise of all the exercises.
  9. Q&A. Variants for the Lung and Liver meridian exercises.
  10. Q&A. The Heart Governor and Heart exercises in more depth.
  11. Q&A. Teaching practice.
  12. Q&A. Teaching practice.

The assessment is based on the ability to perform and explain: –

  • Wuji stance.
  • Horse riding stance.
  • Both versions of the Lung exercise.
  • The Kidney exercise.
  • Both versions of the Liver exercise.
  • The Heart Governor (Pericardium) exercise.
  • The Heart exercise.
  • Both versions of the Spleen exercise.

Depending on numbers, the assessment may be done in small groups

Participants requirements

  • Access to broadband that is capable of streaming video.
  • A webcam and microphone, where the camera can see the entire body. This is necessary for me to be able to see if you are doing the exercises correctly and also for the assessment.
  • Enough space to do the exercises.

2020.07.20 – Please note that this course is now fully booked.

Five Taoist Yin Instructor course details:

  • Location – Streamed from Zoom
  • Dates – 21/09/2020 till 07/12/2020
  • Time – 18:00 – 20:00 (London)
  • Cost – £350.00
  • Assessment date – 12/12/2020
  • Assessment location – East Kilbride, Scotland
  • Details – Focusing on the postures, the focus, and gaining awareness of Qi flow in these exercises.
  • Instructor – Des Lawton
  • Guidelines – Can be viewed here
  • Further information – ‘Phone Des on 01355266011 or use the form on the Contact Us

A deposit of £50.00 is required, with the balance to be paid on or before 24/08/2020. Bookings made after 24/082020 must be paid in full.

Payment by PayPal, or BACS (please contact us)

Five Taoist Yin Instructor course

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions

The functions of the Yin Meridians

Lung Meridian

  • Governing Qi and respiration.
  • Controlling the circulation of Qi in the blood vessels and meridians.
  • Controlling the dispersion and descending of Qi.
  • Regulating the water passages (through the dispersing and descending functions).

Spleen Meridian

  • Governs Transformation and Transportation.
  • Controls the blood, i.e. Keeping it within the blood vessels and making blood from food.
  • Controls the muscles and the limbs.
  • Controls the rising Qi (maintaining a balance with Stomach Meridian in the role of controlling of descending Qi).
  • Houses the thought (Yi): thinking, studying, concentration.

Heart Meridian

  • Controls the blood and the blood vessels.
  • Houses the Shen (consciousness).

Kidney Meridian

  • Stores the Jing, governs birth, growth, development and reproduction.
  • Produces bone marrow.
  • Governs the bones, brain and blood production.
  • Governs Water, and the flow of body fluids.

Liver Meridian

  • Storing blood.
  • Maintains harmonious and unobstructed flow of Qi, allowing good body function, especially in relation to; emotional activities, especially anger and mental depression.
  • Promotes the flow of energy to the other organs.
  • Produces bile and affects the secretion of bile.

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