Feedback from the Embroidered Brocade

This is just some of the feedback from Embroidered Brocade Qigong course that we have online. Pro Holistic also runs this course in Scotland as well as providing Qigong workshops for other organisations and schools. Please contact us if you require further details or would like us to teach a workshop, or course, for you.

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From Mark

“This is my second course on Udemy with Des and once again he delivers brilliant material. Really clear instruction with a level of detail that is great for beginners and more experienced Qi Gong practitioners alike. While I am hugely enjoying my Heaven and Earth practice, a recent injury to my lower back led me to this course and it is very good indeed. Audio and video top notch, and Des has a huge amount of knowledge. Previously I had a 1:1 Skype lesson with Des to check-in on my progress, which was even more helpful than the Udemy course alone, as it provided real-time feedback. Can’t recommend this highly enough.”

From Christoph

“Precise Teaching, Great course!”

From Gerdette

“I enjoyed the course very much. My awareness of the Qi has increased significantly, since the instructor drew our attention to the sensation of it in our bodies, particularly the hands, which I found amazing!”

From Erik

“This was my second course (after the 5 Taoist Yin Qigong). I experienced an even more dramatic feeling of being centered and being abe to maintain this throughout the day. I suffer from complex PTSD, so this is highly valuable to me. I just purchased the Embroidered Brocade Qigong course and am excited to get started! Thanks, Des!”

From Heinz

“Good detailed explanation and good video-quality with different camera-angle.”

From Kevin

” Very well explained and demonstrated.”

From Sebastian

“Thank you for another incredible course. You are very generous sharing this knowledge with us. The teaching method is perfect – I’d say even the teachers presence is there while practicing along with the videos. All the best.”

From Moll

“Excellent instruction and pace. The pointers before each movement practice are great.”

From Nuno

“A informação transmitida é extremamente relevante e apresentada de forma bastante clara. A lamentar as pontuais falhas de sincronia entre as falas do instrutor e as respetivas legendas, no entanto, dado o meu conhecimento da língua, isso não representou um entrave à perceção. De louvar o foco atribuído ao verdadeiro Qigong, que me fez mudar a minha perspetiva do mesmo e a forma como vou passar a ensinar. Um sincero obrigado! Parabéns pelo trabalho desenvolvido e pela partilha! Nuno Romão”
“The information transmitted is extremely relevant and presented very clearly. Regretting the occasional failures in synchrony between the instructor’s speeches and the respective subtitles, however, given my knowledge of the language, this did not represent an obstacle to perception. To praise the focus given to true Qigong, which made me change my perspective on it and the way I will teach. A sincere thank you! Congratulations for the work done and for sharing! Nuno Romão”

From Shane

“A very well thought through and comprehensive course. It was very well explained.”

From Lesley

” Very clear instructions, easy to follow. Sound and picture quality excellent.”

From James

” It is useful in expanding knowledge of Qigong, It is also a useful reminder if you are a visual learner as its handy to see the moves being done.”

Interested in Qigong? We have a group of Qigong enthusiasts (on Facebook) that you might want to join that is used by students and teachers to exchange ideas and ask questions. It is part of the San Bao Qigong.

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