Five Taoist Yin Qigong – Course Feedback

From Dale

“Enhance health and expand consciousness. The instructor is easy to understand and he presents clear explanations for the movements and their benefits.”

From Junior

” Yes often times Qi Gong Courses are too pricey and give you little explanation. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, it is nice to have something in line with what I know is true. “

From Vee

” I really like the emphasis on the subtlety of movement. This is something I’ve felt lacking in other Qiqong courses I’ve done. I also appreciate all that Des has said prior to doing any of the movements and how important it is to get the stance right. “

From Guy

Working with the Yin Meridians - Fire

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” I really love this course, I just started to learn those exercises a few weeks ago, and I am enjoying practicing this qigong in the morning before work. The instructions for each exercises are clear, and the teacher, Mr Lawton is very good at demonstrating and explaining the movements. It is a beautiful set of qigong, I especially like that there are not to many movements to learn for a beginner, and that I can focus on just a few movements done well with feelings. Thank you Mr Lawton.”

From Shaz

“Professional course with fair bit of detail – by FAR the best information I have been able to find on the Daoist Yin Qigong moves. I’m reasonably experienced in taiji and qigong, and found this helpful, including the repetition of the basics (you really can’t get enough of that). I personally would have liked more focus areas for some of the moves, but as a presumably introductory course this is very comprehensive and the best out there for this set of exercises. Thanks.”

From Marina

“The best, most detailed, course in everything-important tai chi. The teacher is sincere in striving to relate all the nuances. LOVE this course and very much appreciate!”

From Morris

“Yes, taught in a relaxed and thorough manner.”

From Arvind

“A very Good Course! and Useful.”

From Stephen

“Yes. It delivered fast effective results in a short amount of time.”

From Jenny

“Very clear and expert instruction”

From Livia

“The Five Taoist Yin Qigong” course offers detailed instruction and explanations regarding both internal and external aspects of the practice in addition to the instructor modelling poses, often shown from two angles and with arrows and lines added to highlight key areas of attention in posture and activation of qi: Des Lawton demonstrates teaching-integrity and respect for his students, and knows how to facilitate student understanding, awareness and true progress, encouraging the students’ desire to learn. I’ve taken other courses from people who may know how to go through the outer movements with good form themselves and have impressive “temple” credentials and an exotic nationality, but they lack the ability to impart knowledge which is the essential attribute of a teacher and also calls into question their own depth of understanding. Other aspects of this course that lead to more rapid personal growth are paradoxically the emphasis on 1) form and awareness versus speed and 2) cultivation of listening jing, which both initially require an exercise of patience. The course supplemental materials are helpful, including the subtitles, and it is also a tremendous resource that Mr. Lawton makes himself available to answer questions.”

From Lesley

“A great wealth of detail presented in a very clear way. Following the instructor as he carries out the exercise gives me a chance to experience the ‘Chi’ flow. Setting and quality of the recording (picture and sound) is excellent.”

From Mike

“I like the instructor’s openness with regard to his own experiences and his aims for the course. The lessons which he intends to impart will lead to a truer understanding of Chi.”

From Kevin

“Very detailed and useful. I feel that this is authentic qigong with all the benefits that go with it.”

From Tanner

“clearest Wuji stance definition I’ve ever received :)”

From Ruth

“Excellent course and detailed instructions as to how to do the movements – in particular the Wuji stance is explained in detail and very thoroughly. This stance has such a lot of different and confusing explanations online and in Qigong/Tai Chi books.”

From Mlnaa

“Very good explanations and contextualisation; the subtitles reinforce the very valuable content.”

This is just some of the feedback from our online Five Taoist Yin Qigong course. Pro Holistic also runs this course in Scotland as well as providing Qigong workshops for other organisations and schools. Please contact us if you require further details or would like us to teach a workshop, or course, for you.

Interested in Qigong? We have a group of Qigong enthusiasts (on Facebook) that you might want to join that is used by students and teachers to exchange ideas and ask questions. It is part of the San Bao Qigong.

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