Can You Learn Qigong Online?

Is it possible to learn Qigong online?

Because of the enforced Covid-19 lockdown my students asked if they could learn Qigong online. I have plenty of experience in teaching Qigong in one-to-one sessions online but I was not sure how well a class would work. Since starting these classes I have discovered is that the participants are reacting as though it was a one-to-one session and, with the exception of the occasional Zoom glitch, they are listening more and delving deeper into the Qi exercise being practiced.

When I teach Qigong classes I always remind students that a class is not the place to do Qigong. It is the place to learn the exercises and to be guided deeper into the Internal work that is being done with these movements. In most classes everyone is compromising so that they stay in step with the teacher and the other students. The teacher is compromising in order that the students can do the Qigong without forcing their breathing too much.

In order to focus on where you want to move the Qi, and listen to the effect that the particular movement is having on you Internally you need a quiet body and mind. You spend a lot of time perfecting Wuij and the other stances to do this. So there you are with your quiet body and mind….. or are you? In a class situation there can often be too many distractions to count.

Qigong is not a group activity. It is a solo activity where the practitioner follows their respiration, whether it is fast or slow, and it is the speed of this that dictates the speed of movement. Some movements are large and this dictates faster movement while others are small with slower movement. The respiration remains the same but the speed of varies according to the size of the movement.

The benefits of learning online

learn Qigong online. The Five Elements Dance.
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Less distraction, more focus, working at your own pace, in your own environment, only hearing the teacher……… These are some of the positive things that I have found. I also think that there is a higher probability of online students taking their Qigong seriously and practicing through the week rather than just doing the one, or two, sessions at the classes they attend.

As the feedback from the classes has been so positive and uplifting, I intend to continue to reach out to those who are serious about attaining Qigong because you can learn Qigong online………….. and I will enjoy every minute of it!

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