Shared Experiences

It always amazes me how the universe works…………. Patterns emerge as people, people who are not directly connected, all have the same ideas, or shared experiences, at the same time. I shouldn’t be amazed because I have seen it happen too often.

Shared Experiences

Where I have seen this most is with Qigong practitioners who come along to my live, in person, pre Covid, classes. These classes are held at different locations and there was no contact between the people concerned. These shared experiences often occurred within a 24 hour period and the effect was profound enough for people to contact me about their individual event.

Qigong - Shared Experiences

If I take one example, the similarity of what three people described prompted me to want to discuss it at each of the classes. But then, before I had the chance, a fourth person contacted me……….. and she had not been at any of these classes. It transpired that, outwith the classes, each of them had been practicing the same exercise. Yes, it could have been a coincidence but they had all decided, individually, to start this practice within a day of each other and they also had their moment of Internal awareness on the same day.

Something led each of them to start that practice and that something had prompted them to do that within 24 hours of each other. They were already, sub-consciously, working together before that practice began. This leads me to believe that they were working synergistically and that made their Qigong more potent, leading to their experience.

Covid made the decision to start teaching Qigong online for me (every cloud has a silver lining) and it proved, very quickly, to be a brilliant way to pass on this art. We all miss the social aspect of live classes but the online sessions are like one-to-one tuition with less distractions to interfere with our focus. This may partly explain why those “shared” experiences are now cropping up again and again.

Keep a note of your Qigong experiences…………….. they may well be shared.

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