Microcosmic Orbit and Macrocosmic Orbit Qigong

The Microcosmic Orbit is a goal for many Qigong practitioners. It is something that is fabulous to experience as is the Macrocosmic Orbit (that is often overlooked). The exercises in this course help the practitioner to, tangibly, circulate the Qi in both of the Orbits. To do this successfully there are a number of things that need to be in place. Among these are: –

microcosmic orbit
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  • Proper posture.
  • A quiet body and a quiet mind.
  • The Kua (the Energy Gates) must be open.

Meditation, visualization, or imagination is not enough. The Orbits are already there but, because of our lifestyles (bad posture, etc.) they tend to be weak and fragmented. The methods taught in this course are designed to help the practitioner to access them tangibly. To then use that tangible awareness to locate any weakness in the flow, any blockages, any sluggishness and rectify them.

The methods are simple and the instructions are easy to follow but this is NOT a course for beginners. You will need a firm foundation in Qigong and, like anything else that is of worth, you need to put the time and effort in.

There are a number of methods to access both Orbits, some using Active Qigong and some using Passive Qigong (meditation). For me, the most effective method is combining both. It is far easier to open the Kua, clear blockages and fill gaps (awareness) in the flow when using Active Qigong. It is far easier to identify those blockages and gaps when using Passive Qigong.

I have often been party to debates as to which of these methods (Active, or Passive) is the best, the most powerful, the most effective, etc. Usually, each side has their own agenda because they have invested heavily in their chosen method. In these cases, what they fail to understand (or choose not to understand) is that both are equally valid and that they are synergistic. By sticking rigidly to their chosen method they have missed out on so much and have, in most cases, not advanced as far as they could if they had used both. In this course you are encouraged to use both.

The course starts with the Microcosmic Orbit, then moves on to the Macrocosmic Orbit, and then combines them both. It is a short course but it can be a long process. Diligent practice with referral to the course content is the way forward. It is your Qi, your Qigong and your Qigong journey so it is up to you how far you travel.

This course includes:
6 hours and 54 minutes of on-demand video
Downloadable resources

Price: £50.00
Book here – The Orbits course

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