Guidelines – Self Defence


  • You must inform the instructor of any injuries or illness before commencing any class.



  • Shoes should always be removed before entering the training area (the crash-mats).
  • Always observe the highest standard of personal cleanliness in class.
  • Personal hygiene is important. Keep nails on both hands and feet trimmed back.
  • Jewellery such as rings, watches, etc. should be removed before commencing. Where a ring cannot be removed it should be covered by tape/elastoplast.
  • No chewing gum or sweets, etc.
  • Drinks – (on the crash-mats) only water, no soft drinks, energy drinks, etc.
  • No swearing or foul language.



  • Loose fitting clothing (preferably not brand new) – tracksuit or similar.



  • Students are requested to be punctual as a mark of respect to the other students and to minimize class disruption.
  • If you need to leave a class early, let the instructor know beforehand.


Mobile ‘phones

  • To be switched off before entering the training area.
  • If you are “on call” for work, etc., and need to have your ‘phone switched on, please inform the instructor of this.


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