The Orbits Classes Archives

These recordings, from the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbits classes are now available as an added asset to our live classes and the on demand Orbits course. These classes allow for more time to delve deeper into these Qigong than a fixed, on-demand, course. However, without previous experience, or without doing that course these lessons may be hard to follow.

As these classes are a continuation of the Shen Qigong classes there are some exercises from the Four Shen Qigong and from the Ten Shen Treasures in some of the lessons.

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  • Circle of Light: working with the arm Yin, passively circulating the Qi, changing direction.
  • Circle of Light: working with the arm Yang, passively circulating the Qi, changing direction.
  • Du Mai Pump: listening
  • Perception of the Dantien: letting go of the physical.
  • Four Shen Ex 3: Using Fire path (Du Mai) and Water path (Chong Mai) tongue positions.


  • Microcosmic Orbit: directions and misconceptions.
  • Du Mai Pump.
  • Clearing blockages and strengthening flow/awareness.
  • Macrocosmic Orbit: Using the Sun and the Moon (from the Embroidered Brocade).


  • Du Mai Pump: Filling in the blanks.
  • Qi guiding the respiration.
  • Working with the Arm Yin and the Arm Yang.
  • The Sun and the Moon: Working with the Macrocosmic Orbit.
  • Passive Qigong: the Macrocosmic Orbit.
  • Working with both Orbits.


  • Listening prior to Qigong
  • Du Mai Pump: Microcosmic Orbit
  • The Sun & the Moon: Macrocosmic Orbit
  • Listening to the natural speed of the cycle
  • Circulating from Mingmen, through KD1 in one foot, then back up through the other foot and leg.
  • Circulating Qi from KD1 through the Hundred Meetings. Awareness beyond the physical body.
  • Fingers to Infinity: Listening to the overall experience when the hands are changing from Yin to Yang.


  • Four Shen Qigong Ex 1.
  • Microcosmic orbit.
  • How awareness of Qi can be overwhelming and the need to “pull the Qi down” and root.
  • The Sun & the Moon.
  • Listening to the Qi front & rear.
  • Listening to the Qi at the Hip Kua.
  • Listening to the small physical producing the large Internal movement.
  • Microcosmic Orbit: Active then Passive.
  • Sinking and folding.


  • Microcosmic Orbit: Awareness of the width/density of the orbit. Perception of the flow as a stream, or something carried on that stream.
  • Clearing blockages and filling gaps/weak awareness/weak flow.
  • Listening to the flow of Ren Mai through the Dantien.
  • Qi projection and reception using the hands.
  • Circulating the Qi on the Arm Yin and the Arm Yang.


  • Microcosmic Orbit, listening to the Dantien, using the hands to do this.
  • Macrocosmic Orbit: Listening to all the Elements (meridians) or individual Elements.
  • Using other senses to listen sight/colour.
  • Listening to the different qualities that are being conveyed on the orbits.
  • Four Shen Qigong Ex 3.
  • Listening to/looking at the Qi around the hands.


  • Microcosmic Orbit: Listening to any oscillation and determining whether it is physical or energetic.
  • Dragon’s ears: Listening to the flow and direction over Ren Mai.
  • Difference experienced when listening to the conveyor, or the conveyed. Listening to the effect the orbit is having on the Dantien.
  • Macrocosmic Orbit: Tips on increasing the awareness in the legs.


  • Dragon’s ears: Listening with the hands to the downward flow along Ren Mai and the upward flow along Du Mai.
  • Taking the awareness well beyond the physical body.
  • Listening to the patterns within the Dantien.
  • Drawing Down from the Heavens, listen.
  • Realigning the aura.
  • Microcosmic orbit


  • Four Shen Qigong Ex1.
  • Listening to the Dantien.
  • Palms to Infinity (From the 10 Shen Treasures): listening to the effect.


  • The first 2 exercises from the Four Shen: Their impact on perception of the Microcosmic Orbit.
  • 10 Shen Treasures: Expansion and contraction from Palms to Infinity.
  • 10 Shen Treasures: Drawing down from the heavens – letting the Shen take over.


  • Four Shen Ex 3: Stimulate awareness of the Macrocosmic Orbit.
  •  Microcosmic Orbit.
  • Combining the two Orbits.
  • Using Mudras.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Palms to Infinity – awareness of shape change.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Fingers to Infinity – ribbons
  • Using Yin and Yang hand postures while aware of the changes in the energy body.


  • Four Shen: Exs 3 & 4.
  • Microcosmic Orbit (passive).
  • Awareness of orbit to the front, rear, below and above.


  • Four Shen Qigong: Ex1 to help raise awareness.
  • Microcosmic Orbit as Active Qigong.
  • Continuing to fill gaps and clear blockages.
  • Microcosmic Orbit as Passive Qigong.
  • Discerning the qualities of the Qi in the Orbit.
  • Taking the awareness further out into the aura.
  • Macrocosmic Orbit as Active, then Passive Qigong.
  • Passive Qigong: combining both Orbits.
  • Using Mudras.


  • The Macrocosmic Orbit: Sun & Moon.
  • Passive Qigong: Working with individual points.
  • Filling gaps.
  • Microcosmic Orbit.
  • Listening to the Orbit (using the hands as receivers) to front and back.