Shen Qigong Classes Archives

These recordings, from the Shen Qigong classes are now available as an added asset to our live classes and the on demand Four Shen Qigong course. Using these classes will help you to delve deeper into these Qigong than a fixed, on-demand, course. However, without previous experience, or without doing that course these lessons may be hard to follow.

The list for each class only covers the exercises done. Each class has much more in the way of guidance.

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  • Working with the hip Kua.
  • Wuji Stance reminder.
  • Four Shen: Ex 1 using the Fire Path
  • Awareness of change (texture, taste, smell, etc.).
  • Fire Path: Du Mai, Yamen, Yintang.
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth: As a Shen Qigong.
  • Four Shen: Ex 3.
  • Pressing Palms to settle the Qi in the Dantien.


  • Extending awareness above and below.
  • Four Shen: Ex 3.
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Palms to Infinity.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Fingers to Infinity.


  • Connecting Heaven and Earth: Increased focus and awareness.
  • Four Shen: Ex 1.
  • Releasing Qi: using Mind Point.


  • Ten Shen Treasures: Du Mai Pump.
  • Four Shen : ex 1. Programming a Mudra.
  • Four Shen : ex 2. Programming a Mudra.
  • Four Shen: Ex 3.
  • Letting the arms be guided by the Qi.
  • Pressing Palms in Calmness: Working with the Shen.


  • Yi and Shen: Left and right side of the brain.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Governing Vessel (Du Mai) Pump.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Palm to Infinity.
  • Listening to the Dantien.
  • Four Shen: Ex 1.
  • Awareness exercises.
  • Shen experiences.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Drawing Down From the Heavens.


  • Four Shen: Ex 1 & 2. Awareness of the changes that occur throughout both.
  • Comparing the effects of both.
  • Four Shen: Ex 3.
  • Tongue positions: Fire Path Wind Path & Water Path.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Governing Vessel (Du Mai) Pump.
  • Pressing Palms in Calmness (Shen).


  • Governing Vessel Pump.
  • Letting the Qi guide movement.
  • Focusing on the Third Eye.
  • Awareness of the textures/qualities in the aura.
  • Ten Fundamental Treasures: Palms to Infinity, then Fingers to Infinity.
  • Using Flying Goose (Shibashi) to project the Qi from the fingers.
  • Four Shen: Ex 3.
  • Pressing Palms in Calmness (Shen).
  • Gently closing the Chakras, using the Yi.


Apologies for the, occasional, slight feedback in this video.

  • Mudras (hand postures) as shortcuts.
  • Using beads, etc. as shortcuts.
  • Four Shen: Ex1.
  • Four Shen: Ex2.
  • Governing Vessel Pump: Working with the Third Eye, allowing the Qi to guide the movement.
  • Awareness of Qi movement through the perception of body movement.
  • Passive Qigong: Closing the Chakras.


  • Qigong vs Neigong. Using Broaden the Chest (Shibashi) as an example.
  • Listening to changes in the Qi.
  • The Five Elements: Beginning to understand why you feel the Qi moving elsewhere.
  • Listening to the quality of the Qi in an Earth exercise and its effect physically.
  • Listening to the Qi moving through the head during Shen Ex 3.
  • Listening to the sensations created during Palms to Infinity.
  • Passive Qigong: Re-centring the Qi at the Dantien.


  • Having a look at opening and closing the hip Kua.
  • Awareness outside of the physical body.
  • Four Shen: Ex 4.
  • Centring at the Dantien band expanding out.
  • Working with the Du Mai Pump; An introduction to the Microcosmic Orbit.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Fingers to Infinity. Continuing to expand/reach out.
  • Four Shen: Ex 3.
  • Passive Qigong: Closure, centring the Qi at the Dantien.


  • More focus on the Kua opening exercises.
  • Four Shen: Ex 1.
  • Four Shen: Ex 2.
  • Four Shen: Ex 3.
  • Using Mudras, or some other trigger, to revisit a particular space/state of mind.
  • Du Mai pump: Yi and movement moving the Qi. Then letting go and allowing the Qi to guide the physical movement.


  • Chong Mai from Dantien to the 100 Meetings. Then connecting to the Root Chakra.
  • Separate Heaven and Earth.
  • Connect Heaven and Earth.
  • Ten Fundamental Treasures: Palms to Infinity.
  • Listening to the Kua.
  • Observing the Etheric body around the hands and fingers.
  • Du Mai (Governing Vessel) Pump.
  • Opening the spinal Kua.
  • Reprise of Chong Mai from Dantien to the 100 Meetings.