The Four Shen Qigong – working with the consciousness


The Four Shen Qigong – working with the consciousness

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Advanced Qigong that can unlock your potential

The Four Shen exercises are Active, Spiritual, Qigong. That is to say that the body movement is one of the tools used to help guide the Qi and the exercises are used to alter states of awareness, giving access to higher levels of being and increasing perception.

  • The exercises involve the Shen, that finer quality of Qi that is connected to our consciousness, our Mind, our Higher Self.
  • They entail raising the vibration of the Shen, and the awareness of self, the Qi of our body and mind.
  • They entail awareness of other as our awareness is expanded beyond our physical body.
  • Finally, they allow access to our Higher Self so that we can have meaningful dialogue and receive guidance.


Course length

The course contains all the information you need to practice these Qigong. However, as it is aimed at experienced practitioners there are no lessons for the basics (stances, breathing, etc.). The lessons are concise and detailed so that you can easily refer to any of them when practicing.

In this course: –

  • You will learn these are, Spiritual, Qigong………Spiritual in the sense that they work with the consciousness, the Shen.
  • You will, through proper practice, find a place of tranquillity where insight can be sought.
  • You will, through proper practice, expand your awareness of self.
  • You will, through proper practice, expand your awareness of other.

Recent reviews for this course: –

  • “The attention to detail in this course is helping me to understand how to do the practices properly and get a deeper experience of the benefits of qigong. I have a deeper understanding of how to work with Qi.” K.L.
  • “You will never find a better Qigong teacher anywhere else.” S.K.
  • “i enjoy his company and accent and deep eperience in coaching tai chi and chi kung and translating some of the dimensional and multi energy phenomena an unnaclimatised student of chi kung energy work might encounter” M.M.
  • “Good videos, well structured teaching and more detail than you will find in most places. I’ve enjoyed all of Des’s courses I have taken.” S.D.

Continued study of the Four Shen

Since starting to teach his students online, recordings of Des’s classes have been kept so that future access to them would be available. Once you have finished the course you can get access to these classes where Des goes deeper (and guides his students deeper) with these Qigong, often integrating them with other Qigong.

What Will I Learn?

  • Increased awareness of Qi.
  • Increased awareness of self.
  • Increased tranquillity.
  • Increased access to insight.

Topics for this course

15 Lessons1h 54m

Qigong Information

The Qigong Exercises

Thank You

About the instructor


Principal Instructor at San Bao

  • Since 1989, the Principal Instructor of the San Bao Martial Arts School and he teaches Taiji,Taiji Quan, Qigong, and Neijia Quan classes in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. He is passionate about Qigong being taught as an Internal energy exercise.
  • Des has developed a number of Qigong courses that he teaches throughout the country.
  • He has created online Qigong courses, in order to reach out to Qigong practitioners worldwide, that provide detailed information on the subtleties and nuances that are rarely available to students.
  • In 1997, after three and a half years of study with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu, Des qualified as a Registered Shiatsu Practitioner (M.R.S.S.)
  • He provides, online, consultation for the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, etc. through the use of Qigong.
  • He also carries out consultancy work in the field of complementary medicine and stress management.
“Des Lawton is clearly at the cutting edge of Energy work today, and his sensitivity, humour, and instructional abilities integrate beautifully. This has enabled him to teach at all levels, bringing oriental thoughts & concepts to occidental minds, making these concepts tangible, and demystifying them.” “Des Lawton demonstrates teaching-integrity and respect for his students, and knows how to facilitate student understanding, awareness and true progress, encouraging the students’ desire to learn. I’ve taken other courses from people who may know how to go through the outer movements with good form themselves and have impressive “temple” credentials and an exotic nationality, but they lack the ability to impart knowledge which is the essential attribute of a teacher and also calls into question their own depth of understanding.” G.C. Des is now teaching a number of courses and workshops including the ever popular, Taiji Shibashi Qigong Instructor course.  These, along with the Shiatsu, online consultations, the other courses and classes keeps him very busy……………. I don’t think he would like it any other way!  Mind you he still manages to find plenty of time for hill walking (his “me” time) and he is to be seen tramping around on the Scottish mountains while he soaks up the fresh air and Qi.
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  • Participants need to be familiar and comfortable with Wuji stance and horse riding stance. They should be adept at sinking the Qi and raising the Shen.

Target Audience

  • This course is for people who are already serious practitioners of Qigong, people who want to continue on their Qigong journey and take their practice a higher level.